About Us


It is our mission to provide the highest quality of education to all students in a safe, secure, and positive learning environment.  High expectations and supportive school structures are essential in meeting students’ needs academically, socially, and emotionally.  All stakeholders have an essential role that’s integral in assisting with the developmental growth and the establishment of a culture for learning and belonging.  Students will become lifelong learners as they go on to high school, college, and/or receive post secondary training to become productive citizens.



Every student will have a strong foundation of academic, social and emotional skills through a culture of inclusion, belonging and dignity that will allow them to not only attend the High School of their choice but be successful graduating in 4 years of college and/or career ready.




Core Beliefs

Safe, Inclusive Environment for ALL!

Nothing is Impossible!

Grade Level, Rigorous Instruction for ALL!

Parents are our Partners!


Core Values

Dr. Ethel Allen Students are:

Respectful, Responsible, and Safe!

Dr. Ethel Allen Students will be:  On Time, On Task, On a Mission!


Academic Goals


23-24 Academic Goals Coming soon!


Climate Goals


23-24 Climate Goals Coming soon!



Primary:        Navy Blue

Secondary:    White

Alternate:       Gator Green